Automate Website Scheduling

    Web Browser Scheduling

    Schedule My PC functionality enables the user to schedule when websites open throughout the day, week, month and year and the recurrence of how often each website opens.  Opening the website can trigger an email, SMS Text and Sound as a notification if you are at your workstation.

    Schedule 0pening websites daily, weekly, monthly or annually!

    Schedule My PC can be used for scheduling Websites to open at designated times.  Schedule My PC has many useful ways to help you utilize your Windows PC or Server.

    Some examples and scenarios on how to utilize Schedule My PC to manage website activity.  The examples shown, illustrate how Schedule My PC can be used for many application or repetitive task scenarios.

    Add Email and SMS Text messages to occur simultaneously to remind you that Schedule My PC has opened the websites you expected and act as a helpful reminder.

    Review this post to find examples and resources you can take advantage of.

    • Auction Sites – Watching a auction site that is coming to a close on a item you are bidding on?  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to follow through with your winning bid
    • Blogging sites  Blogs that are a particular interest to you can be opened on a regular basis so you can read and contribute as desired
    • Dating Sites – Dont want to miss out on the perfect mate?  Bring up your favorite dating sites when its time to get social
    • Employment and Career Search Sites – Update your resume and then open up predetermined filtered search on your favorite sites like Indeed, Careerbuilder, Dice, etc.
    • Entertainment and Movie Theater – Have the movie times waiting for you when you get home
    • Facebook and similar Social Media Sites – never miss a beat with your family and friends
    • Financial and Stock Investment Sites – know what is going on with your investments throughout the day or open up your 401 account and see what is happening
    • Food Sites – looking for a dinner suggestion tonight?
    • Gaming Sites – schedule the next rematch with your gaming buddies
    • Health Sites – keep up on what is new
    • Instagram and LinkedIn Sites – keep up with your colleagues and new connections
    • Music – play your favorite music from websites, YouTube, Pandora or you local PC library
    • News Media – keep up with your favorite news outlets
    • Pay Bills – never be late again and pay your bills every Friday evening or your particular schedule
    • Real Estate Sites – Looking for the dream home on Zillow?
    • Science and Research sites – Keep up on the latest developments in science
    • Sports Sites- watch highlights of your favorite teams and gambling sites
    • Technology Sites – Stay abreast of the changes in technology
    • Travel Sites – Get the best flights and hotel deals or cruises and rental cars
    • YouTube Sites – what’s funny on YouTube or play your YouTube channel or Pandora stations

    We hope you will find Schedule My PC as an easier means for automating your workload.

    We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

    Schedule My PC is a Network Pipeline Inc. product.  To purchase your own copy, click here –

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