Career Search Automation

    Career Search Automation

    Are you looking for a new position?  Schedule My PC can be your best tool to find your next job by opening predefined searches on the popular job sites by opening that filtered page as often as you feel you need to check for the new openings in your field.


    Also, Schedule My PC can remind you to update your current resume by opening Microsoft Word each week or once per month so you can update your experience, skills, certifications and what you have been doing at your job.

    Schedule My PC is ideal for documents that have an expiration date.  Schedule opening these documents for review 30, 60, 90 or 120 days in advance so you can update your resume, certifications, licensing, passports, contract renewals, leases, etc.  Consider opening your resume every week so you can take the opportunity to update your experience on the current job, add any new skills or training you have have accumulated and new positions since you last updated your resume.

    Add Email and SMS Text messages to occur simultaneously to remind you the document will expire soon as a helpful reminder.

    Then open your favorite career search websites and add the filter criteria to the search.  Copy that search URL or web address in the browser and then use Schedule My PC to open that page automatically.  Note the URL used in the following example.  The filter is seeking a Game Developer position in Washington state.  See the following example –

    Schedule My PC is a Network Pipeline Inc. product.  To purchase your own copy, click here –

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