SMS Text and Email Notifications

    Schedule My PC automated notifications
    Schedule My PC Notification
    Schedule My PC Notification

    SMS Text and Email Notifications

    Schedule My PC can trigger email and SMS Text messages to you, management, clients, etc. at the exact times you need the messages to be sent.

    This is very useful to remind you to do certain tasks, e.g., fill out time sheets, follow up on appointments, birthdays, picking up the kids, invoicing clients paying bills, etc.

    Email templates can be setup and scheduled to be sent to distribution groups for important events and activities, emergency messages and reminders.

    As you build your scheduled content and tasks in Schedule My PC, you have the option to send an email and/or a SMS Text notification at the same time.  This is valuable in that I know Schedule My PC is working on the platform I set it up on, email and SMS Text messages can be sent via my email server and finally reminds me the task took place.



    How do you set this up in Schedule My PC?  First, you will need to configure your email access to your email server under Schedule My PC Start Up Options –

    1. Add the name of your email server
    2. The Username used to authenticate to your email server
    3. The password for that specific account
    4. The email address ‘From’ where the notification will come from and the Port your email uses
    5. Test the configuration with an email to send to


    Simply configure Schedule My PC settings to enable email and/SMS Text messaging and schedule the messages to occur on you schedule or after an event that runs via your Schedule My PC console schedule.



    Schedule My PC is a Network Pipeline Inc. product.  To purchase your own copy, click here –

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