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    This post addresses Website Developers Browser Compatibility concerns.

    Do you build websites?  Are you concerned about website browser compatibility and support?  Schedule My PC will open up different browsers for your convenience and you can quickly evaluate whether or not the browser and version displays your web data correctly.

    Use Schedule My PC to open multiple Browsers on a particular site and page to judge compatibility and user satisfaction.

    Website development can be a tedious task.  Schedule My PC can be used to open up different browsers at different times in you development process so you can  view how the browser interprets your code.  Lets say that hourly you would like to open Internet Explorer side by side with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and see how a particular page or site functions.  This can be used to identify issues and also for quality control purposes.  How would you do this?

    In Schedule My PC, you would define a Schedule Content Task and run each of the executables with the web page you are working on.  Then after creating that content task, right click on the calendar item and duplicate it.  Simply change the .exe to the other browser types and add it to the schedule, even at the same time.  This can be done and repeated once every 20 minutes or hour or however often you need.

    This is super convenient and productive at the same time.

    This could work with other development efforts, not just websites.

    Another use for this is for Help Desk personnel.  You may be responsible for routinely checking web sites external and internal to the organization.  Create scheduled content that opens the corporate Intranet site every 20 minutes and validate it is running.  Open periodically to confirm that –

    1. The organization has connectivity to the Internet
    2. Confirm that Domain name Services (DNS) is working
    3. Being certain the the remote website is working which may be hosted by a company other than yours

    Schedule My PC is a Network Pipeline Inc. product.  To purchase your own copy, click here –

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