The Ultimate Sales & Marketing Tool

Schedule My PC is your key to retaining your clients and building off an exclusive discount/coupon based business model to sell to those clients that already have purchased from you.

By offering exclusive perishable discounts and coupons you control, your clients will provide you the recurring revenue you need to not just maintain but increase your revenue through repeat business.  The best part is

Schedule My PC will offer up your coupons/discounts that have a limited “shelf life” up to 24 times per day.  In addition, you will be providing them a valuable Windows PC Scheduling tool that they can use to make their life more convenient and organized.

If you would like to build your business beyond your expectations for a limited marketing expense, this is the vehicle.  You no longer have to rely on the cost per click model that simply makes money for the search engine providers without limit.  Instead of deciding how much you would like to give Google, Bing and Yahoo, you can focus on building repeat business for a fixed dollar amount.

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SMPC - Example Schedule